Steps to Repair Damaged WAV File Format in Easiest Steps

Hello friends! From last couple of days, my Mac PC was behaving strangely so I thought to remove unwanted files. But accidentally I have removed my important WAV files. I didn’t noticed that these files are also selected and I pressed Shift + Del keys. I can’t afford to lose my important files and wants to get them back at any cost. Could you please help me to get back the WAV files easily? Thank you so much in advance.

What is WAV File?

WAV stands for WaveForm Audio File Format which is a product of IBM and Microsoft. It is used for storing audio bitstream on the system. It is considered for providing high quality of audio formats even without compression. Thus, it occupies huge space in the system as compared to other file formats. It is compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

How WAV Files Gets Damaged?

However, these files are easy to play but still sometimes user loses it accidentally. There are many reasons behind damage or deletion of the files. Some of the important points has been mentioned below:-

  • Using incompatible media player to play the audio file.
  • Virus or malware infection in the system.
  • Ejecting the data cable during file transfer.
  • Failure of hardware, software or operating system
  • Formatting the drive without keeping the backup files.

Common Error Messages after Damage of WAV Audio Files:-

Once the WAV audio gets damaged, it will start to display unwanted error messages on the screen. The most common alerts has been mentioned below:-

  • File does not exists in the memory.
  • WAV file is either damaged or corrupted.
  • Unable to complete the operation.
  • Do you want to format the removable drive.
  • Windows media player won’t play WAV files.

How to Restore Lost WAV Audio Files?

If you have lost your WAV audio file and wants to get it back in just simple steps then we recommend you to make use of WAV Recovery Software. It is a powerful tool which has been designed by technical experts to perform deep scanning and get back the lost files quickly. The best part of the software is that it supports user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it effectively. It comes with lots of advanced features which makes it extremely popular among the users. So, you can check its working efficiency by downloading the trial version of the tool.

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