How to Repair Damaged AU Audio Files Immediately

Are you unable to play AU audio files in your PC? Do you want to recover your lost AU files immediately in easiest way? Is your file damaged due to the presence of harmful malware in the PC? Want to know the easiest method to repair the corrupted files? If you are facing the aforesaid troubles and wants to get back your files quickly then you need to read the article which is given below and follow the guidelines in step-by-step manner.

Brief Information about AU Files:-

AU is a simple file format which has been introduced by Sun Microsystems. In the early phase, it was headerless and common on NeXT systems. Even more, it was 8-bit u-law encoded data at an 8000Hz sample rate. You need to know that AU file format contains three parts i.e. The audio data, text for a header which contains 24 bytes as well as an annotation block.

How AU Files Gets Damaged?

You need to know that there are several factors which are responsible for damage of several audio files which has been mentioned below:-

  • Virus or malware attack in the system.
  • Using incompatible media player.
  • Changing the extension improperly.
  • Accidental deletion by pressing Shift + Del keys.
  • Bad sectors in hard disk.

User need to know that when any file gets erased or corrupted then its original content gets transferred to a hidden location which is impossible to access manually. However, if you will take some precautions immediately after the file loss then recovery is possible. The main preventive steps has been given below:-

  • Do not overwrite the space with another file.
  • Do not download or capture new files in the system.
  • Stop using the drive for sometime.

After following these steps, you need to make use of AU File Recovery Software. It is a powerful tool which has been developed by technical experts. It is capable to perform deep scanning in the system and detect all the files without changing its quality. Due to user-friendly interface, even non-technical users will also able to handle the software effectively. So, what are you thinking for, download the software immediately.

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