Simple Steps to Recover Lost WMV Videos Quickly

These days, i have got emails from several users who has accidentally erased their WMV video files and unable to restore them manually. If you are among those users who wants to get back their lost video file then your search is over. In this article, you will get all the essential information about the video, how it gets deleted, tips to avoid such issues in future and the best way to get back lost files. So, follow the article carefully.

What is WMV Videos?

WMV video format has been developed by Microsoft Corporation and it is considered as a part of Windows Media framework. It is recognized as a series of video codecs as well as their corresponding video coding formats. These files are small in size and comes with best picture and sound quality. It is compatible with Windows Media Player as well as other video players. It is popular among the users due to its best quality.

How WMV Files Gets Deleted?

Sometimes, human errors is responsible for the loss of WMV files from the system. Some of the inportant causes has been mentioned below:-

  • Using incompatible players in order to play the videos.
  • Downloading incomplete file from the web.
  • Accidental formatting of the drive which contains all the files.
  • Accidentally pressing Shift + Dels keys together.
  • Emptying the trash folder.
  • Presence of malicious threats in the PC.

How to Avoid Loss of WMV Files in Future?

If you will take some preventive steps then you will never face such data loss situations in fture. The common precautions has been given below:-

  • Do not download videos from infected sites.
  • Always scan the removable disk carefully before using the PC.
  • Do not open spam email attachments as it contains virus which can damage your video files.
  • Always create backup of your important files.
  • Do not format your drive unknowingly.

Even after following the aforesaid steps, if you have lost your video files then you need to make use of WMV Recovery Software. It is an advanced tool which is capable to perform deep scanning in the PC and restore all the deleted, corrupted, damaged or even encrypted files in just few clicks. It supports user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle the tool effectively. Apart from WMV, you can get back all the other formats of videos quickly. So, what are you waiting for, download the trial version of the software as early as possible.

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