Steps to recover deleted picture of Pentax K-S2

Hey I am using Pentax K-S2 from long ago. I am working as freelance photographer in countryside. I own a small lab there in that small town. Pentax K-S2 has helped me more than anything to become an established photographer in my area. Since now I have other camera too, But Pentax K-S2 is my favorite because of its amazing performance and my memories attached with it. Last night when I tried to preview my older pictures I came to know that the picture were not opening properly. Some were showing message of corruption, and some were showing error. There are my old memories in the form of pictures onto my memory card of Pentax K-S2 camera. May I get those memories back to me? Is there anyone who can help me to get rid out of this problem.

Pentax K-S2

Pentax K-S2

About Pentax K-S2

It is a Digital SLR camera with amazing features. This camera is fitted with 20 MP APS-C CMOS image sensor which gives the true vision of subject. Its dimension measures 12.2*9.1* 6.5 mm with weight 680 grams. Its optical view finder gives 100% view of the field. An advanced technology In body shake reduction minimizes the shaking effect of human (photographer). It reduces the shaking effect with any combination of lenses from telescopic lenses to wide angle lenses. Advanced Auto Focus feature allow you to take better and steady picture of moving subject without giving any attention to the movement of subject. Advanced HDR mode allows you to record more clearer HD videos with help of clarity enhancement technology provided in Pentax K-S2. Pentax provides standard zoom lens which is slimmest in the world. Weather sealed and dust-proof body design allows it to work in extreme weather condition.

Pentax K-S2Reasons behind deletion of picture from Pentax K-S2

Everyone who is associated with photography or camera. He may have suffered with problem of picture deletion although there are too many possible reason behind the deletion of picture. Some popular reasons are given below.

  • Using camera improperly can lead to deletion or loss of data.
  • Using full capacity of memory card can cause some error that may lead to loss of data.
  • Tempering memory card can cause permanent loss of data. Because physical damaged memory card cannot be red by any system and thus data cannot retrieved.
  • Battery loss during using camera can result in loss of current data.
  • Sudden removal of battery can lead to crash of memory card and device may get crashed.
  • Virus other threat can erase the data present on device or on its memory card.
  • Accidental deletion.

You may have any other reason of data loss from the Pentax KS-2. Due to whatever reason you have lost your data you can recover it with help of a tool suggested below.

Recovering data from Pentax KS-2

Data lost from Pentax KS-2 and other camera or its memory card can be recovered with help of Mac Photo recovery software. It is an advanced tool for picture recovering work with Pentax KS-2 or any other camera. This software operates on Mac OS based computers also available for For windows OS based computers. You have to just follow the step by step guidance of the software and in few click your data will be back to in its older working condition.

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