Guide to recover lost data of Pentax K-S1

Hello everyone! I am here to share a problem related to Pentax K-S1, with the people like you sitting behind the internet. I am using Pentax K-S1 from 2015. It is a great camera from the Pentax I have used ever. I am working as a photographer with a reputed magazine. I loved this camera due to its many reason but the most preferred thing is its super clear image quality. Now come to the problem I have recorded video of a program and a number of pictures took for the article of our magazines. Now when I arrived to office and tried to show those amazing pictures shot by me to my senior. I came to know that there is no any picture in the camera. When I scan the memory card there shows something present but not opening and working. I do not how does it happened and where does the pictures has gone? They are very important for me. Can anyone help me to get those missing pictures? You will be rewarded for the help to recover the data.

About Pentax K-S1

Pentax K-S1 is camera with amazing features. Pentax K-S1 is a Digital SLR camera of mid-range developed by Ricoh. The camera came in the market on 21 august 2014. This camera resembles the most of the features of Pentax K-S2. It have CMOS sensor with resolution of 20 Megs Pixels having photo sensor of APS-C size. It have adopted the compatibility of Pentax Flu card fro its previous version Pentax K-3. With Pentax Flu card user can perform wireless tethered shooting and can download images from camera wireless means. Pentax K-S1 is capable of HD video recording of resolution 1920*1080p. A 3 inch size display gives wider view of the subject. Penta-prism optical view finder let you to adjust the zoom on subject efficiently.

Pentax K-S1

Pentax K-S1 front

Pentax K-S1 data loss possibilities

There are many reason so that we lose our data. The data lost from your Pentax K-S1 camera may be due to any reason some like listed below:-

  • corruption/failure of memory card
  • Presence of virus or other malware on the storage card
  • Memory card may not be inserted properly.
  • Memory cards got tempered
  • Camera get damage
  • Mis-handling of the device.
  • Battery failure while recording or shooting pictures. Etc.

Pentax K-S1 data recovery

if you have any backup of those data then restore that. It is a best and does not require anything. Since there shows a presence of something on Pentax K-S1 camera’s memory card which is not opening. You can restore that data and other recent deleted data with help of Mac picture recovery software. This software is a unique software developed in keeping the view of Pentax camera. You can download the recovery software from the given link of recommended software. you can opt any one of the method of data recovery from your Pentax K-S1. The recovery software is available for both windows and Mac Operating System.

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