Recover Corrupted and Deleted Photos & Videos From Pentax K-50 Camera

Hello, I am Stuart and I am a Blogger cum Photographer. I use Pentax K-50 to shoot stills and movies and it is really good. recently I went to Israel and there I captured so many superb movies and videos. The overall trip was quite awesome for my blog and the experience was also superb. I went back and started browsing for those photos and videos and find that everything was missing. My camera was showing error codes when I browse those photos and videos. Everything was corrupted and deleted and it was a very terrible moment for me. I tried so many methods in order to recover those photos and videos but was failed to do so. If anyone has a relevant and effective solution, then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks in advance…

Pentax K-50

Pentax K-50 Camera Features and Specifications


Pentax K-50 Camera is a superb machine from the house of Pentax. The machine is equipped with so many superb specifications and features. The 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor strikes the perfect balance between the resolution and image quality. The high performance and high sensitivity shooting up to 51200 ISO range reduce noise and can shoot in a superb manner even in low-lighting conditions. The Eye-Fi Card Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless SD cards enables the one-touch sharing of photos and videos to smartphones. The Innovative In-body Shake Reduction (SR) Mechanism is a superb mechanism which reduces the noise from the surroundings and ensures sharp, stable and superb images and videos. Weather-sealed, Dustproof, Coldproof Design will allow the photographer to capture moments without keeping the weather in mind. The 3 inch TFT color LCD monitor is superb for reviewing pictures and movies. It supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards as the storage device. The camera can capture Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps and is alos capable to shoot the moving objects in a tremendous way.

However, the specs and features of this machine are quite superb and fantastic. But, sometimes it happens when this machine gets infected due to several errors and infections. These errors and infections will then lead to the corruption and deletion of the photos and videos.

Pentax K-50 Camera Error Messages 


There are so many error messages which the camera will show up on the screen. Below we have some kind of error messages, so here we go:

  • A90 error message.

  • Camera Overheated error message.

  • Card Not Formatted/Card Locked error message.

  • Dust Alert error message.

  • F– error message.

  • Image Cannot Be Displayed error message.

  • Not Enough Battery Power error message.

Solutions To Recover The Corrupted/Deleted/Lost Photos & Videos


There is a very powerful tool called Mac Photo/Video Recovery Software which is very effective in recovering all kinds of deleted or corrupted or lost photos and videos. The Mac Photo/Video Recovery Software is really very effective in recovering all those photos and videos and is also capable of wiping out all kinds of infections and errors from the camera in order to safeguard the entire health of the camera and the storage device.

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