Recover Lost Photos/Videos From Nikon COOLPIX L32

Hello, I am Joseph and I am a tourist cum blogger. I have a Nikon COOLPIX L32 and I use this machine to capture the superb moments of my journey which later, I write on the blog. Recently, I was on a visit to Las Angeles and I captured so many superb moments of the city’s night-life. I captured so many superb stills and videos and it was a really very good experience there. I reached home and start to browse all those photos and videos and I have a terrible moment there. All those stills and movies went deleted and corrupted and I was totally shocked. I tried so many methods in order to recover those stills and videos but was unable to do so. If anybody out there with a superb recovery method then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks a ton in advance…


Nikon COOLPIX L32 Specifications and Features


Nikon COOLPIX L32 is a superb machine which is equipped with so many superb specs and features. The 20.1 MP camera is superb to capture the stills as well as movies. The 5X optical zoom with Nikkor lens feature of the machine is quite superb and it can easily take wide-angle shots. The dedicated movie record button of this machine easily captures videos @720p. The smart portrait system helps the user to do all the stuff in an easy and convenient manner. The 3-inch LCD of this camera is pretty good for viewing and reviewing the images and videos. The superb effects filter out some creative and superb pictures and videos. The Nikon COOLPIX L32 is powered by two AA batteries which are long-lasting and reliable too. The Control: TTL auto flash with monitor preflashes and the Shutter type: Mechanical and charge-coupled electronic shutter are some of the USP’s of this machine. 

The specs and the features of this Nikon COOLPIX L32 are quite superb and splendid but it happens sometimes when this machine gets plagued by different kinds of errors and infections. These errors and infections will then lead to the deletion as well as the corruption of the photos and videos. It is quite complex to recover the lost photos and videos and we will discuss it below.

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Error Messages


There is a list of some error message which this machine will show on the screen after the corruption and deletion of the photos and videos. Below is the list of errors:

  • Memory card is write protected.
  • This card cannot be used.
  • This card cannot be read.
  • Card is not formatted. Format card?
  • Out of memory.
  • Image cannot be saved.

These are the error message which will be shown on the screen after the infection.

Solutions To Recover Lost Photos/Videos From Nikon COOLPIX L32


There is a very powerful tool called Mac Photo/Video Recovery Software which is highly effective in recovering the deleted or corrupted or lost photos from the Nikon COOLPIX L32. The Mac Photo/Video Recovery Software is also capable of wiping out all the infections and errors from the camera in order to safeguard the entire health of the camera and the storage device.


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