How to Get Back Lost AIFF File Format in Easiest Way

I love to listen music so I have a collection of AIFF files. I have stored all these audio songs in my Mac system to keep it safe. Today, when I tried to open the files then I was shocked to see that they were corrupted. I tried different media players but none of them helped me to play it. I really don’t know when and how these files got damaged. I can’t lose them because I love these songs and it is create to create new collection. Please help me to repair the damaged AIFF files in easiest way.


What is AIFF Files?

AIFF has been developed by Apple Inc in 1988 which is based on Electronic Arts. It stands for Audio Interchange File Format which is a used to store the sound for the personal computers as well as other electronic devices. It provides high quality audios so its file size is high in comparison with other audio files. It is compatible with different versions of Mac as well as Windows operating system.

How AIFF Files Gets Damaged?

Sometimes, when user play these files, they get error messages on the screen. It may happen due to damage or corruption of the files. There are many reasons which are responsible for damage of the files which is mentioned below:-

  • Presence of malware or virus in the system.
  • Using incompatible media players to play the audio file.
  • Abrupt termination of the Mac PC when file is in use.
  • Interruption while transferring the audio files.
  • Power Sabotage.

Once the file gets damaged, user will find floods of error messages on the screen which is extremely annoying. Some of the common warning alerts has been mentioned below:-

  • You are using unknown extension to play the file.
  • Unable to complete the operation.
  • Do you want to format the removable drive?
  • Selected file does not exists in the memory.
  • Input/Output error.

If you are completely annoyed with such error messages on the screen and wants to fix the damaged AIFF files then we suggest you to make use of AIFF File Recovery Software. It is one of the best tool which has been gaining popularity among the users. This tool is capable to perform deep scanning in the system and detect all the lost or damaged files in few minutes. You can select the files and restore them easily. This tool also displays preview of the files and allows the users to save them at their desired location. Due to its user-friendly interface, non-technical users will also handle the tool effectively. So, don’t make any delay in downloading the software.

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