Simple Tips to Get Back Deleted AVI Videos Quickly

I have downloaded lots of movies in AVI format from the web. I love to watch them in my leisure time. Yesterday, i was formatting the drive but suddenly i selected the wrong drive which contained all the movies. In a single click, i have lots of alle videos which i have collected from several years. Is it possible to get back permanently deleted AVI files? All the suggestions will be strongly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

What is AVI File?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave which was firstly introduced in November 1992 by the Microsoft Corporation. It is considered as multimedia container format which can store audio as well as video data. It also allows for synchronous audio with video playbacks. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. Even more, it comes with best picture quality which does not occupy huge space in the memory. It is extremely popular format among the users.

Reason Behind Loss of AVI Files:-

Sometimes, users fails to access the AVI videos due to corruption or deletion of the videos. The main reason behind such situations are given below:-

  • Using incompatible application to play the files.
  • Downloading incomplete copy of AVI video fro the web.
  • Presence of malicious threats in the system.
  • Formatting the drive without keeping the backup.
  • Abrupt termination of the system when file is in use.

You need to know that when you delete any file from the PC then its original content gets transferred to a hidden location but it is still present in the system. It is possible to recover them if user will take precautions immediately after file deletion. The important points are given below:-

  • Do not overwrite the space with another file.
  • Stop using the memory card or drive from which you have erased the file.

After following all these steps, you need to make use of Mac Recovery Software. It is an advanced tool which has been designed by the technical experts. It comes with powerful algorithms and mechanisms which is capable to recover all the lost files in effective way. This software is capable to detect all the lost or corrupted files and restore them in its actual quality. It supports user-friendly interface which can be handled by professionals as well as beginners. You can download the trial version of the tool to check its working efficiency and performance.

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