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How To Use Mac Photo Recovery Software!

Mac Photo Recovery

A Software that is specially designed to recover photo, Pictures & Images from External Storage Drives on Mac Operating System.

People find problems when they delete the files which were either on the Mac based computers or on the external media devices like memory cards or drives. Other than deletion sometimes the files get corrupted or lost due to some wrong steps like

  • Corruption due to card being pulled out while the camera was on

  • Corruption due to turning off the camera during a write process

  • Improper shutdown of camera/computer

  • Formatting & using media drive in different camera/computer

  • Virus attacks and file system corruption

  • Volume corruption and many other technical issues

If you are a Macintosh (Mac) computer user then you need not to worry about the problems because now there is software that can solve your problems in a very convenient way. It is known as Mac Photo Recovery Software. Without knowing the reasons of corruption or deletion, this software will recover all the erased, corrupted, formatted or lost image files. The steps that need to follow to do the successful Mac Photo Recovery are:

  1. Download the Mac Photo Recovery Software and Install it on your Mac Based Computer.

  2. Register your copy of software to the official website and get the License.

  3. Connect your Digital Camera or the external media drive to your computer.

  4. Then when your computer recognizes the media, execute the Mac Photo Recovery by clicking on the icon on the desktop or by clicking on the icon present in the program files.

  5. A window of Mac Photo Recovery appears. Now you will see two options, first is for Photo Recovery and second is for creating Images.

  6. For doing the Photo Recovery -
    When you click on the Photo Recovery option then:
    • Select the file type window that where all supported file formats are listed
    • Select the file format that you want to scan/recover and click on OK button.
    • After scanning the files will be listed. Choose the file(s) that you want to recover.
    • Specify the destination and click on the recover button to start the recovery.
    For Creating Image -
    When you choose the Create Image Option then:
    • After clicking on the create Image option, specify the location and name of the file.
    • Click on the create image. The process will start.
    • When it completes, image add in to the tree view in the left pane.
  7. Then close the program, disconnect the digital camera to your Mac Computer and now you can see al the pictures or backup image to the location where you had saved it.